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The Department of Communication is a national leader in the study of communication as a social science, ranked among the top five in a recent poll by the National Research Council. Our faculty and students are dedicated to understanding the role and enhancing the effectiveness of communication processes, systems, and infrastructure in society. We explore communication in its many forms and contexts as a fundamentally social phenomenon. Our faculty members are recognized for developing and applying novel theoretical perspectives to the most pressing social and policy issues of the day.  

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Nov 17, 2015
The Department of Communication invites you to participate in the NYCOMM16 trip. The goal of this trip is to provide Communication majors the opportunity to connect with alumni and companies in their area of interest. 
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Poppy McLeod's mentoring profiled in PeriodiCALS

Apr 2, 2015
To encourage mentoring, Poppy McLeod populates her Group Communication Lab with graduate and undergraduate students and encourages them work closely together. This results in the undergraduates developing a deeper interest in research and the grad students honing their own mentorship skills. At the same time, McLeod learns from both, finding inspiration in their ideas, experiences and perspectives on research and life. Read more