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The Department of Communication is a national leader in the study of communication as a social science, ranked among the top five in a recent poll by the National Research Council. Our faculty and students are dedicated to understanding the role and enhancing the effectiveness of communication processes, systems, and infrastructure in society. We explore communication in its many forms and contexts as a fundamentally social phenomenon. Our faculty members are recognized for developing and applying novel theoretical perspectives to the most pressing social and policy issues of the day.  

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Mike Shapiro and Viven Zhou publish paper with the journal Appetite

Oct 24, 2016
Vivien Zhou Shuo, Mike Shapiro and Brian Wansink have a new paper in press with the journal Appetite, entitled "The Audience Eats More if a Movie Character Keeps Eating: An Unconscious Mechanism for Media Influence on Eating Behaviors. For their research, they took a scene from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and showed participants either a version in which the characters are continuing to eat and one in which the characters finish eating. Participants ate more if they saw the characters continue to eat but were more likely to eat sweet food if participants saw the characters finish eating. So viewers unconsciously adopt the character’s goal (keep eating) or a logically subsequent goal (done eating have dessert).
Dean Boor's comments on the new home of the Department of Communication during the Official Dedication on April 8, 2016.