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Move to Mann Library Building

After more than two decades in Kennedy Hall, the Department of Communication moved to the 4th floor of the Mann Library Building. Our growth as a department and our need for more space to house faculty, research labs, administrative support staff, and graduate students necessitated the move. The pics say it all--take a look at this space!

For Now and for the Future

For many years, we did great work at Kennedy Hall; yet much of that work was done in spite of the venue, not empowered by it. Symmetrical rows of offices made sense in the 20th century, but the 21st century demanded something different. Breaking down barriers to innovative research began with breaking down some physical barriers in the Department.

With its open, light, and modern aesthetics, our space on the fourth floor of Mann Library provides a tour de force of communication, technology, and collaboration. All hallways lead to The Hub—the focal point of the design and a favorite meeting place. The Hub is equipped with moveable workspaces, technology, and a grand “family table,” which invite spontaneous interaction and collaboration. Graduate student offices are arranged into “neighborhoods” along a corridor intersecting The Hub and surrounded by faculty offices and research labs. Stationed in the center of the department and along hallways lined with open faculty offices are research labs, whose centrality and accessibility allow scholars to work more effectively together in ongoing research efforts. In addition to dedicated laboratories, there are several “flex” research spaces and “touchdown” spaces that afford ad-hoc teams the opportunity to collaborate at a moment’s notice.

Photo of the Hub

Dean Boor's Comments at the Grand Opening Ceremony, April 8, 2016. 

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