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Why is our place in CALS?

Our home in CALS is a testament to the foresight of those who recognized that addressing vital social and policy issues requires an understanding of how people communicate these very issues. Today we do this, not in service to other disciplines, but as a fundamental scientific and educational pursuit. Whether we’re researching how individuals communicate in face-to-face and mediated environments or applying theory-driven science to address issues of online privacy, global security and terrorism, food safety, health and nutrition, youth development, and sustainability, we both advance knowledge and align with the College’s “knowledge with a public purpose” ethos. We provide a unique strength to the College by broadening its scope in innovative social science research in communication and communication technologies, while complementing our fellow CALS schools and departments through our interdisciplinary collaborations and teaching. In so doing, we embrace the College’s Land Grant Mission of benefiting the citizens, communities, and economic well-being of the state of New York, the nation, and the world.