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COMM/INFO 4800: Behavioral Science Interventions Application

Thank you for your interest in our new senior capstone seminar on behavioral science interventions. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to analyze social problems, consider the ethical implications of intervention, design and pilot appropriate interventions, implement and test them online, analyze and interpret the results, and present policy-relevant findings. The course combines applied quantitative research methods and applied behavioral science theories to prepare students for careers in research, data science, consulting, and policy evaluation.

Because the course involves taking a research project from concept to completion over the course of a semester, we can only accommodate students who have requisite preparation in both social science theory and methodology. Students must have taken at least one of the following courses: COMM 2760 (Persuasion and Social Influence), INFO 2450 (Communication and Technology), PSYCH 2800 (Introduction to Social Psychology), or an approved introductory social science theory course. Students ideally have also taken a research methods and/or statistics course.

If you have fulfilled these prerequisites, please complete the application below.

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