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The Relationship between Faculty and Graduate Student Researchers

The Department and Graduate Field of Communication are committed to research that advances our understanding and knowledge of the human communication processes. We view collaborative research between graduate students and faculty as a vital component of our research mission.


  • Quality research through an open exchange of ideas
  • Supportive research mentoring
  • Recognition of differing participant needs
  • Equitable recognition of contribution
  • Scholarship that enhances the understanding of human communication.


  • Participants should solicit each other’s' ideas
  • Participants should schedule regular research meetings to facilitate the project
  • Participants should be willing to discuss ideas contrary to one’s own
  • Participants should openly discuss the allocation of work
  • Recognition should be negotiated on the basis of work allocated
  • Faculty should provide instruction in the conduct and techniques of research
  • Students should communicate the extent of their knowledge and experience
  • Project expectations should be negotiated in advance
  • Project expectations should be explicitly renegotiated as warranted
  • Participants should follow through on negotiated deadlines
  • Participants’ practices should meet or exceed basic ethical standards of research

Situations that May Signal a Problem

  • Participants feeling forced to do more work than they previously agreed
  • Participants feeling like they are not getting the recognition they deserve