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Ph.D. Students

Graduate Program in Communication Ph.D. Students

Chelsea Butkowski
Research interests: Self-representation, visual communication, social media, political communication and self-expression, media stereotyping, feminist media studies, media effects, mixed methods
Julie Cannon
Research interests: Unintended effects of health communication and entertainment media; digital media literacy; mobile health communication; health disparities; role of prejudice, embodiment, and narrative in persuasion
Oliver Ngai Keung Chan
Research interests: Metric culture; gig economy; sociology of quantification; critical data studies; politics of algorithms; the impacts of technologies on service work; urban communication; media and social movements
Julie Davydova
Research interests: Health, environmental and risk communication; judgment making; attitude and behavior change; persuasion and youth; communication for social change; framing and effect of news stories on the audience
Wen Duan
Research interests: Intercultural communication; computer-mediated communication; intergroup communication and gender studies
Research interests: Academic labor; accessibility, belonging, and diversity; feminist media studies; intergroup and intragroup communication; the interplay of work and technology; mixed methods
Salma el Idrissi
Research interests: Mass media; social media; identity; values, representations and stereotypes;  media campaigns; communication and public policy; political communication; content analysis
Motasem Kalaji
Research interests: Health communication and messaging; health preventative measures; persuasion theories; human behavior and development; influence of health messages on unhealthy behaviors, misconceptions and negative attitudes around healthy behavior
Byungdoo Kim
Research Interests: Environmental judgment and decision-making, biases in environmental perception and judgment, and virtual embodiment and pro-environmental attitude and behavior
Emily La
Research interests: Message fit and persuasion, climate change communication, promoting pro-environmental behaviors and attitudes, psychological and social barriers to sustainability
Catherine Lambert
Research interests: Risk communication and public responses to renewable energy, with a focus on geothermal energy, induced earthquake hazards, and the role of place, community, and history
Research interests: Discursive work between technology, society, and policy; persuasive elements in media; sociological imagination of technology; the intersection of city life and autonomous technologies
Colten Meisner
Research interests: Media work; media and tech industries; critical algorithm studies; digital culture; qualitative research methods
Swati Pandita
Research interests: Human Computer Interaction, virtual reality, avatars & identity, embodied cognition,emotional regulation, & mental health technologies
Bharathy Premachandra
Research interests: Social inequity; social disparities; social identity; social determinants of education and health; evidence-based interventions; policy; mixed methods
Amanda Purington
Research interests: Interpersonal communication; computer-mediated communication; health communication; family communication
Beatrys Rodrigues
Research interests: Digital culture, the intersection of gender and technology, social impacts of artificial intelligence, HCI, edtech, design fiction, decolonial future studies
Shruti Sannon
Research interests: Privacy and disclosure; digital labor; inequality; human-computer interaction; social computing
Megan Sawey
Research interests: Digital cultural labor, intimacy and economic exchange, and digital feminist labor resistance
Melissa Seipel
Research interests: Media psychology, narrative engagement, parasocial phenomena, entertainment media, media effects, trust 
Brett Stoll
Research interest: Human-robot/agent interaction, humor and emotion, interpersonal and group communication theory, computer-mediated communication
Teairah Taylor
Research interests: Health communication; racial and ethnic health disparities; evidence-based interventions; racial and ethnic identity; social determinants of health
Lucas Wright
Research interests: Digital governance, social media content policy, human rights, algorithms and user behavior
Yiwei Xu
Research interests: Media psychology; health risk communication; strategic health message design and effects; social determinants of health; health policy
Vincent Chao Yu
Research interests: Collective online communication behaviors; crowdsourcing; online reviews; social media; network analysis
Congcong Zhang
Research interests: Intergroup and intragroup communication, social network analysis, knowledge exchange under computer-mediated contexts
Pengfei Zhao
Research interests: Computer-mediated communication; technology and relationship; online self-disclosure and self-presentation; online dating; social networks; psychological and social effects of new communication technology