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Wang Liao


  • B.A., Xiamen University
  • M.A., Tsinghua University
  • M.S., Cornell University

Research Interests

Interaction, structure, and micro-foundations of group-related social processes, particularly solidarity and hierarchy; Computational social science; Quantitative methods for causal inference.

Current Project

  • Emotional “group talk”: a communication logic for self-organized solidarity among National Football League fans on Twitter
  • Unveiling technological effects over multilevel social processes in CMC groups: A social relations analysis framework and empirical example

Journal Publication

  • Liao, W., McComas, K. A., & Yuan, Y. C. (in press) The influence of unrestricted information exchange on willingness to share risk information with outsiders. Human Communication Research. DOI:10.1111/hcre.12104
  • Thoemmes, F., Liao, W., & Jin, Z. (in press) The analysis of the regression-discontinuity design in R. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics.
  • Liao, W., Bazarova, N. N., & Yuan, Y. (2016) Expertise perception and communication accommodation in linguistic styles in computer-mediated and face-to-face Groups. Communication Research. DOI: 10.1177/0093650215626974
  • Liao, W., Yuan, Y., & McComas, K. (2016) Communal risk information sharing: Motivations behind voluntary information sharing of late blight infection in U.S. agricultural communities. Communication Research. DOI: 10.1177/0093650215626981 (Top 2 faculty paper of the CommSHER Division at the 2015 annual conference of AEJMC)

Book Chapter

  • Liao, W. MacDonald, P., & Yuan, Y. (2016) The impact of communication behaviors on expertise recognition in intercultural collaboration. In J. Treem & P. Leonardi (Eds.), Communication, Expertise, and Organizing. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press

Conference Involvement

  • Margolin, D., Liao, W., & Lin, Y.-R. (2015) Conversing in Reflective Glory: A Systematic Study Using National Football League Games. ICWSM’15
  • Theommes, F. & Liao, W. (2014) The Markov Equivalence class of the Mediation. Paper presented at the 2014 Model. Modern Modeling Method Conference. Storrs, Connecticut.