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Alyssa Kent

Manager, Public Relations, Time Inc.

Alyssa is the Public Relations Manager for Time Inc.'s TV network, PEN (People/Entertainment Weekly Network). She works to promote the network, overall, as well as individual shows, executives, and talent. In the past, her client roster has included: Bravo, CNBC, Crackle, Travel Channel, Fusion, SundanceTV, and more. Prior to joining the agency, Alyssa was an Account Executive at the entertainment, public relations, and marketing agency, Beck Media & Marketing. Her client roster included: NBCUniversal, Hulu, National Geographic Channel, Mark Gordon Productions, the Casting Society of America, and award-winning talent.

At Cornell, Alyssa co-authored the paper, “Mitigating the Perception of Threat to Freedom through Abstraction and Distance,” with Cornell Ph.D. candidate Sherri Jean Katz and Cornell Communication Associate Professor Sahara Byrne. Communication Research published this study in 2016.

In addition to being an Advisory Board member for Cornell’s Communication Department, Alyssa is a Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador and, while living in Los Angeles, helped to coordinate the Cornell in Hollywood internship program. Alyssa graduated from Cornell University in 2012, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Communication, with a minor in Development Sociology.