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Neil Lewis, Jr.

Neil Lewis, Jr.

Assistant Professor

467 Mann Library Building

Dr. Neil A. Lewis, Jr. is is a behavioral, intervention, and meta-scientist. He is an assistant professor of communication and social behavior at Cornell University with graduate faculty appointments in Communication and Psychology. He also holds a joint appointment in the Weill Cornell Medical College Division of General Internal Medicine as assistant professor of communication research in medicine.<br><br>Lewis’s research examines how people’s social contexts and identities influence their motivation to pursue their goals, and their success in goal pursuit efforts. He studies these processes most often in the domains of education, health, and environmental sustainability, in hopes that the knowledge generated from this research can provide useful insights for developing interventions to help people achieve their education, health, and sustainability-related goals.

Research Focus

Professor Lewis’s research examines how and why people’s identities and social contexts interact to influence their motivation to pursue their goals and success in achieving them. He directs the Motivation and Goal Pursuit Lab which studies these processes most often in the domains of education and health. One goal of the lab is to use the knowledge gained from this research to inform interventions to improve outcomes and reduce social disparities

Teaching Focus

Professor Lewis teaches students how to use principles from the social and behavioral sciences to better understand their social world, and challenges them to use that knowledge to better the world around them. At the undergraduate level, he teaches courses on persuasion and social influence as well as stereotyping and implicit bias. At the graduate level, he teaches courses on research methodology in the social and behavioral sciences.

Awards and Honors

  • Rising Star Early Career Award (2019) Association for Psychological Science

Selected Publications

Journal Publications