Ph.D. Students

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A list of Ph.D. Students in the Department of Communication

Julie Cannon
Research interests: Unintended effects of health communication and entertainment; digital media literacy; and mobile health communication
Oliver Ngai Keung Chan
Research interests: Urban communication; intersection of work and technology; mobile and social media; cultural Identities; media and social movement
Julie Davydova
Research interests: Health, environmental and risk communication; judgment making; attitude and behavior change; persuasion and youth; communication for social change; framing and effect of news stories on the audience
Wen Duan
Research interests: Intercultural communication; computer-mediated communication; intergroup communication and gender studies
Salma el Idrissi
Research interests: Social media; persuasion; sectarian discourse; representations and stereotypes; advocacy and media campaigns; communication and public policy, social and political dynamics in the Middle East
Alexandra Hinck
Research interests: Interpersonal communication, computer-mediated communication, gender stereotypes, identity development, public and private spaces within technology
Jason Holley
Research interests: Environmental, science, and risk communication; constructions of risk in mediated texts such as those about climate change or environmental restoration; spatial dimensions of risk communication and the sociotechnical networks in which discourses are embedded; framing theory; the role(s) of policy infrastructures and controls in mediated risk discourses. 
Hepeng Jia
Research interests: Science communication in social context; role of communication in social and political transformation; science journalism; communication of science controversies; role of communication in shaping policies; Public opinion in China’s sociopolitical transformation
Motasem Kalaji
Research interests: Health communication and messaging; health preventative measures; persuasion theories; human behavior and development; influence of health messages on unhealthy behaviors, misconceptions and negative attitudes around healthy behavior
Research interests: Intergroup dynamics and communication; linguistic intergroup bias; construal and person perception; technology and social behavior
Research interests: Health communication and behavior; the influence of message content and context on health decisions and outcomes; health information needs, and risk perception; crisis communication; evidence-based communication interventions and the use of preventative measures and newly developed treatments
Negar Khojasteh
Research interests: Human-robot interaction, computer-mediated communication; social networks and social information seeking
Byungdoo Kim
Research Interests: Environmental risk communication; sustainability communication; environmental campaign; human behavior and resource use; environmental sociology; sustainable energy consumption and production; recycling and upcycling    
Kaylee Kruzan
Research interests: Computer-mediated communication, interpersonal communication, therapeutic and behavioral interventions, existential psychology, terror management theory, mixed methods
Catherine Lambert
Research interests: Risk and science communication; risk perception and decision-making in communities in the process of energy development and in the context of natural hazards and disaster preparedness
Theodore Lee
Research interests: Health, persuasion, and quantified human-computer interaction. Currently focusing on tailoring to intrinsic/extrinsic motivations via Fitbit
Wang Liao
Research interests: Interaction, structure, and micro-foundations of group-related social processes, particularly solidarity and hierarchy; Computational social science; Quantitative methods for causal inference
Hang Lu
Research interests: Risk, environmental, science and health communication; the role of emotions (both incidental and integral) in influencing information processing, judgments and decision making
Research interests: Technological mediation; algorithms; social and cultural implications of technological integration; expression, interpretation, and meaning in and through technological spaces; technology’s influence in shaping the sense of self, presence, and agency; psychopharmacology as technology; robotics
Elizabeth Newbury
Research interests: Competitive video gaming (e-Sports); game studies and new media, particularly employing qualitative methods and mixed methods, with an emphasis on gender and technology and sociological/psychological impacts
Swati Pandita
Research interests: Human computer interaction, visual communication, clinical applications of virtual reality, sensation & perception, and embodied cognition
Sandy Payette
Research interests: Gender and computing, both historical and contemporary issues; gender and organizational communication; open source software communities; knowledge infrastructures, data sharing and digital preservation
Amanda Purington
Research interests: Interpersonal communication; computer-mediated communication; health communication; family communication
Melissa Seipel
Research interests: Media effects, entertainment media, narrative persuasion, emotions, media literacy, social learning, cultivation
Christofer Skurka
Research interests: Persuasion, discrete emotion, health behavior, message design and effects, health campaigns, tobacco messaging, health disparities, experimental design, causal inference
Hwansuck Song
Research interests: Trust and fairness in risk communication; social judgments, impression formation, person perception in environmental contexts; communication of environmental risk
Stephanie Beth Steinhardt
Research interests: Science technology, policy & collaboration; computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW); big data and open infrastructures in science; futurism; social and ethical implications of technology
Brett Stoll
Research interest: Human-robot/agent interaction, humor and emotion, interpersonal and group communication theory, computer-mediated communication
Samuel Hardman Taylor
Research interests: Computer-mediated communication; social media, personal relationships, family communication, parenting in the digital age, and cyberbullying
Luping Wang
Research interests: Social media; network analysis and visualization; political communication; organizational communication; environmental communication and climate change
Carrie Young
Research interests: Environmental, health, and risk communication, with a focus on food security, climate change,  wildlife conservation, and other sustainability issues facing smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Countries of interest include Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania.
Vincent Chao Yu
Research interests: Social media communication; impression management; network analysis; intergroup evaluation and discrimination