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Student Advisory Board

The Communication Student Advisory Board was created in Spring 2013 to help engage students in the activities of the Department of Communication through leadership.  The board is made up of a mix of current Communication majors from freshman to seniors.  The board also has representatives who transferred to Cornell to help provide a transfer student perspective. The purpose of the Communication Student Advisory Board shall be:

  • To serve as the official liaison between student, faculty, and staff of the Department of Communication
  • To represent student opinions regarding department-specific initiatives
  • To promote the Department of Communication within and beyond Cornell University
  • To foster a more collaborative community for Communication students
  • To organize special events and propose student services aimed at the continued development of the department
  • To help engage first-year Communication majors

CSAB Executive Board for 2019-2020:

President: Kevin Lam (Senior) 
Co-Vice Presidents: Kelly Stone (Senior) and Danny Maher (Junior)
Marketing/Community Relations: Celia Berman (Senior)
Social Media: Hannah Luchs (Senior)
Director of Photography/Videography: Kevin Lam (Senior)