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Y. Connie Yuan

Y. Connie Yuan

Associate Professor

475 Mann Library Building
(607) 255-2603

I teach and conduct research in the area of organizational communication. Specially, I am interested in studying knowledge management through the development of social capital, and the adoption and usage of information and communication technology. My ultimate goal is to integrate findings from organizational behavior and information systems, and to develop and test new social science theories that advance our understanding of knowledge management.

Awards and Honors

  • Second Runner-up for Best Published Paper (2014) Organizational Communication and Information Systems Division, Academy of Management Annual Conference
  • Inclusion in Best Papers Proceedings (2010) Academy of Management 2010 Annual Conference

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

Presentations and Activities

  • The adoption and usage of social networking tools to support knowledge sharing in contemporary organizations. Organization Science Winter Conference. February 2012. Academy of Management. Steamboat, CO.
  • One University, Two Campuses. iConference 2012. February 2012. Toronto, ON, Canada.
  • The effects of culture and technology on expertise recognition in group decision making. INGRoup 2011 Annual Conference. July 2011. INGroup. Minneapolis, MI.
  • The impact of interpersonal affective relationships and awareness on expertise-seeking: A multilevel network investigation. INGRoup 2011 Annual Conference. July 2011. INGroup. Minneapolis, MI.