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Groups, Organizations, and Networks

Researchers in this area are concerned with decision-making processes, social processes, and the exchange of information within and between groups, organizations, and networks. We study ways that communication processes and systems influence social structures and behaviors in a variety of settings, including multinational/multicultural groups, technologically-mediated teams, computer-supported cooperative work, online forums, networks, and communities. We also examine how the use of tools, affordances, and platforms affect communication, collaboration, participation, and performance in groups, organizations, and networks.

Some examples of recent research include:

  • Use of physical and digital objects among colleagues in global work
  • Cultural differences in cognition, decision making, and communication styles in groups
  • Identities and interaction in intergroup communication
  • Social influence and behavior change in online groups and networks
  • Group and community norms for sharing and interpreting misinformation
  • Encouraging bystander interventions and other prosocial behaviors in online social networks
  • Understanding the effectiveness of support-seeking behaviors and crowd-sourced support in online networks
  • Knowledge and information sharing in groups and organizations
  • The formation, maintenance and functioning of social networks
  • “Citizen science” and public engagement with science and technology