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Certificate in Engaged Leadership

The Certificate in Engaged Leadership acknowledges a student’s commitment to leadership with a public purpose, with financial resources, mentorship, and micro-certificates.

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COMM 3080 - Environmental & Sustainability Communication:  From the Lab to the World

A new seminar & internship program (Spring & Summer 2017)

Open to Juniors and Sophomores in communication or sustainability-related fields 

From Thought to Action: Translating knowledge into application is often a big leap. How do we take what we have learned in courses and apply it in real-world situations? This is the test of a true education. Our partners are leaders in the environmental and sustainability arena seeking to improve the world. They need help decoding and solving pressing communication challenges. This program will provide you with the theoretical foundation, and the necessary skills, to create effective solutions to concrete communication issues in our local and national community.

Our Leadership Team: This pilot program is led by a team of communication faculty, campus sustainability leadership, and national and local environmental and sustainability organizations. Partner organizations include EcoVillage at Ithaca, the most successful co-housing “ecovillage” in the world, and Environmental Defense Fund, a top organization devoted to effective environmental policy. 

Engaged Learning: Students gain classroom and hands-on experience with new and traditional media, including understanding messaging that “works” to bolster pro-environmental attitudes and engagement, developing sustainability messages to reach audiences with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, and crafting social media strategies for the modern digital age.

Coursework:  All students take a seminar in Spring 2017 that will integrate theory and skills related to specific challenges faced by our organizational partners. Students selected for this program will be matched with a leading regional or national organization for a paid internship during the summer of 2017.

COMM 3080 - 3-credits Environmental Sustainably Communication Seminar (Spring 2017); plus paid internship (Summer 2017). Students are placed at organizations matching their skills and interests (nationally and local opportunities).
COMM 3080 will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday 2:35-4:25pm.

Deadline for applications:  January 15th, 2017.  

The 2016-2017 program is limited to 10 students. Contact Jonathon Schuldt (jps56@cornell.edu) or Lauren Chambliss (elc55@cornell.edu) for more information. 
Application online at here.