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Study Abroad Opportunities

Each year some 200 CALS undergraduates spend a semester or year studying abroad. CALS recognizes that students study abroad for a variety of reasons, and as a result, offers a great deal of choice. Students may want to study abroad to broaden their world view, boost employment prospects, learn a new language, gain independence, discover a new educational system, or all of the above. As soon as a student determines their interest in studying abroad during their time at Cornell, they should speak with their Faculty Advisor or the Undergraduate Program Coordinator to develop a complete graduation plan. It is never too early to start planning. To receive credit, students must obtain pre-approval from their faculty advisor and the college, and go through one of the approved programs:

As soon as a student determines their interest in studying abroad during their time at Cornell, they should speak with their Faculty Advisor or the Undergraduate Program Coordinator to develop a complete graduation plan. It is never too early to start planning.

For more information, please visit CALS Study Abroad and Exchange Programs page. CALS Exchange Study Abroad 101 Information Sessions are held throughout the semester.  Find the next session here.

Student Profile Grace Park (in her own words): 

I am having an awesome semester abroad so far. I do not want to leave at the end of the semester!! Most of my experiences have been so fantastic and really eye-opening. I love that I am able to meet so many people from different walks of life-- being able to learn more about different cultures and meet other international students is such a privilege! When I first arrived here in Copenhagen, I did have a culture shock and the weather was quite different from what I am used to back in NYC, so getting adjusted took some time, but the transition process proceeded more smoothly than I thought. What surprised me the most is the diversity in this city. I have met so many people from different ethnic backgrounds and it's quite amazing. Also, the local Danes here are super friendly and easy-going people. I also love that Europe is so small and all the neighboring countries are so close to each other. I am always traveling each weekend to a different place and each of my experiences in different cities around Europe have been so amazing. So far, I have been to Paris, London, Berlin, Malmõ (Sweden) and I plan to go to Amsterdam, Brussels, and cities all over Italy and Spain throughout the next couple of weekends! 

As for my courses, I am taking one course relevant to Comm in addition to a Danish culture course on the Architecture of Denmark and I love them. Especially, the culture course is so interesting and it gives me better insight of how the city that I currently reside in was built. It's great to be able courses that are interesting and I cannot probably take back at Cornell. 

Overall, I am so excited to be here in this beautiful city and cannot wait to see what else this semester has in store for me. ​

Student Profile Rebecca Lester (in his own words)

The best experience so far has been the ability to travel. More specifically I think my trip to Capri and Sorrento was my favorite because of the utter difference in landscape from what I am used to, as well as running into some very cool Cornell Alums.

What has surprised me the most was how closed people can be and how quickly the time seems to be moving. I have three favorite courses (film photography, video art, and digital photography). If I had to pick one it would have to be film photography because I get to be creative but also work with my hands.

I am so glad that I have been able to seize this opportunity and even more glad that I have done it in my own way. While abroad I am still keeping ties to Cornell and the passion I developed for research there by Skyping into lab meetings and continuing the research I was doing this Summer. I miss a lot about the department though and wish that more people had come abroad because I keep seeing things that remind me of them.​

Student Profile Devin Moss: 

In summer 2016, rising communication senior, Devin Moss is part of the CALS Global Fellows Program this summer in Australia. He is working with Thinkun, the parent company and Blrt, the app. He is helping out with content marketing by writing blog posts, designing and interfacing an interactive quiz. Devin also helps with link building in a few different ways and he is in charge of getting the app listed on android app stores throughout the world, finding bugs in the beta web app as they prepare to launch live. He is excited to be in co-charge of Thinkun's first ever PPC campaign! Learn more about Blrt here. 

Last weekend, Devin and a few other Cornell students rented a car and drove 6 hours to the beach town of Coffs Harbour where they visited a world heritage site, the Gondwana Rainforests at Dorrigo National Park.

Student Profile Nicholas Levy (in his own words): 

n the Spring of 2016 I joined the CALS Global Fellowship program (GFP). GFP is a new program at Cornell where 22 undergraduates were selected for international internship opportunities to increase our standing as a global citizen (just one of the many international opportunities open to students) . This summer the program stretches around the globe, on four continents, with students working in startups, larger corporations, and even some field research in Africa. As part of the program, Cornell pays nearly all of the expenses and helps find our placement in the target country.

While in Bangkok I am working at a fintech startup called, which is the leading bitcoin wallet platform in Thailand. Originally started in the Philippines by a Cornell Alumnus, the platform has grown to hundreds of thousands of users and dozen of major partnerships. My role at the company includes business development and marketing. Since I am in a startup I have the ability to make real contributions to the company and build out the bitcoin market and blockchain platform. I now get to apply everything that I have learned in the classroom to the real world projects that I manage. This is a very exciting time for me because it helps prepares me for my future goals of working in the corporate business world while also getting a rich international experience.

When I am not working, you can find me “playing hard” with other interns and Cornellians that are in Bangkok. The Cornell sponsored host company arranges us to attend networking dinners with the local business community. Bangkok is a business epicenter of southeast Asia, which means that I have made business contacts from several countries in the region. The dinners are extra fun because I meet Cornell Alumni who love to talk about what they do and their time spent in Ithaca. My adventures include exploring ancient temples and the Grand Palace in the older part of the city. I went on a road trip to Erawan National Park to swim in the iconic 7 tiered waterfall. However, my favorite part of the summer is riding and bathing elephants in the jungles of Thailand.

While my internship is already half over, I still have many exciting plans this summer. I will be “working hard” in the office but “playing harder” in my free time around Thailand! Until then Sawadikap!

Student Profile Ruth Weissmann: 

Ruth Weissman '17 is spending spring 2016 in Italy. The above photos are from Florence, Itlay and the Swiss Alps. 

Ruth's article in the Cornell Daily Sun, Five People You Meet on the Train 

Student Profile Rachel Honigman (in his own words): 

I am studying abroad in Rome and it's like walking through a museum every day! Traveling around is also amazing because in a few hours I can be immersed in a new atmosphere and culture. This semester is a hands on kind of learning that I think is imperative to my college experience. Studying abroad has expanded my horizons and showed me that the world is at our fingertips!" (spring 2016)

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