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Study Abroad Opportunities

Each year some 200 CALS undergraduates spend a semester or year studying abroad. CALS recognizes that students study abroad for a variety of reasons, and as a result, offers a great deal of choice. Students may want to study abroad to broaden their world view, boost employment prospects, learn a new language, gain independence, discover a new educational system, or all of the above. As soon as a student determines their interest in studying abroad during their time at Cornell, they should speak with their Faculty Advisor or the Undergraduate Program Coordinator to develop a complete graduation plan. It is never too early to start planning.

Find out more how to get started on the CALS International Opportunities page.

Academic Year or Semester Long Opportunities

There are two approved avenues for studying abroad during the Fall, Spring, or the full Academic Year: The CALS Exchange Program or Cornell's Office of Global Learning

Search here for all on- and off-campus global opportunities. Be sure to filter your search by “Agriculture and Life Sciences” to see all CALS-approved programs! You will also find opportunities for career development, community-engaged learning and service, fellowships and funding, research, and other special interest programs.

Learn more about study abroad policies and credit transfer by attending a Study Abroad 101 session or by reading the information online.

Special Programs and Opportunities

You are not interested in leaving the Cornell campus for a full semester but you still want to internationalize your degree? Besides the study abroad and exchange opportunities, you can also consider doing an international summer internship via the CALS Global Fellows Program or participating in a faculty-led program.

Student Profile - Grace ParkImage of Grace Park during her semester abroad at the University of Copenhagen (CALS Exchange: University of Copenhagen): 

I had an awesome semester abroad! I didn't want to leave at the end of the semester!! Most of my experiences were so fantastic, and really eye-opening. I love that I was able to meet so many people from different walks of life-- being able to learn more about different cultures and meet other international students is such a privilege! When I first arrived here in Copenhagen, I did have a culture shock and the weather was quite different from what I am used to back in NYC, so getting adjusted took some time, but the transition process proceeded more smoothly than I thought. What surprised me the most was the diversity in the city. I met so many people from different ethnic backgrounds and it was quite amazing. Also, the local Danes are super friendly and easy-going people. I also loved that Europe is so small and all the neighboring countries are so close to each other. I traveled each weekend to a different place and each of my experiences in different cities around Europe were so amazing. For instance, I visited Paris, London, Berlin, and Malmõ (Sweden).

As for my courses, I took one course relevant to Comm, in addition to a Danish culture course on the Architecture of Denmark and I loved both of them. The culture course especially was so interesting and it gave me better insight of how the city resided in was built. 

The Gloval Fellows Program logoStudent Profile - Devin Moss: 

In summer 2016, rising Communication senior, Devin Moss was part of the CALS Global Fellows Program in Australia. He worked with Thinkun, the parent company and Blrt, the app. He helped out with content marketing by writing blog posts, and designing and interfacing an interactive quiz. Devin also helped with link building in a few different ways, and he got the app listed on Android app stores throughout the world, finding bugs in the beta web app as they prepared to launch live. He was in co-charge of Thinkun's first ever PPC campaign! Learn more about Blrt here. 

Image of Devin Moss in a rainforest in AustraliaImage of Devin Moss sitting on a cliff over crashing waves in Australia