CALS Career Search Tips

The information and links below are provided by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 

  • New program:  Alumni Connections Program – the former FRESH and Extern programs have been combined and renamed. The big change is that it now runs year round instead of just winter or spring breaks, and continues to be a great opportunity for students to shadow alumni in their place of work. The program is still administered through Cornell Career Services in Barnes Hall.
  • On-Campus Recruiting is underway for full-time positions. This year several industries have shifted their internship recruiting to the fall semester and those on-campus interviews began this week along with the FT recruiting.  On-campus recruiting is just one way that students secure opportunities.
  • The alumni mentor platform has a new name…Cvisors! There are now over 1,000 Cornellians eager to support our students with career conversations, resume critiques, and interview prep. Students can connect with alumni for industry-specific insight on how to showcase their skills and experience. The platform also includes a collection of live and recorded career webinars.
Career Guide

A comprehensive career planning tool including sample resumes, cover letters, networking tips, and more. Hardcopies are available in 140 Roberts.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are done in an interview setting and are conducted by career staff and/or company representatives visiting campus. Videotaped Practice Interviews (VPI) are also a great way to improve your interview technique.

Workshop and Events Calendar

Search by topic area (networking, interviewing, resume writing, etc.) as well as by college-specific programming.

Interviewing Tips

Interviewing resources – how to prepare, practice questions, what to do/not to do…

Case Interview Ready Reference Sheet

A case interview is typical for consulting and analytical positions and tests your analytical and problem solving skills.

Information Interviews Ready Reference Sheet

Information interviews can help you learn more about particular jobs, companies, and advance your network.

Interview Questions Ready Reference Sheet

Knowing how to answer questions are key to an interview. This will provide tips, sample questions to practice, and sample questions you may ask during an interview.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Me Exercise

A great exercise to take to help you market your experiences and skills to your audience.

Optimal Interview

Use this online mock interview tool within OptimalResume to practice, practice, practice.


See interview questions and other interview details for any job or company.

Recruiting Policies

You must read and agree to abide by our recruiting policies to participate in the on-campus recruiting program.

Evaluating Offers

Information on what to consider when evaluating offers.

Accepting or Declining Offers

Information on how to accept or decline offers.

Student Recruiting Policies

Student Recruiting Policies

Employer Recruiting Policies

Employer recruiting policies and procedures.

Job Offers Ready Reference Sheet

This will assist you through the job offer process, and give you tips on how to negotiate, accept, or reject job offers. It will also talk about why you should never renege on a job offer after you've accept.

Career Fair Prep Workshops

Search for upcoming career fair preparation workshops.

Career Fair Prep Books

Search our career library for books on how to prepare and navigate career fairs and prepare elevator speeches.

The Ultimate Career Fair Cheat Sheet

Tips and hints for being successful at a career fair.

Tips For Attending a Job Fair

Tips to help navigate a career fair.

Cornell Events (On and off-campus)

A list of Cornell sponsored career fairs taking place on and off campus.

Off-Campus, Non-Cornell Affiliated Events

Events students may be interested in attending. They are not Cornell specific or sponsored.

Business Cards / Networking Cards

Business Cards or networking cards are a great resource to use at career fairs and networking events.