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Communication, Environment, Science and Health Faculty


picture of Sahara Byrne

Sahara Byrne

Academic and Research Interests
Media effects; media and human development; persuasion; strategic communication.
picture of Bruce Lewenstein

Bruce Lewenstein

Professor of Science Communication
Academic and Research Interests
Public communication of, public understanding of, and public engagement in science and technology; history of science communication, science journalism, and science museums; informal science education.
picture of Neil Lewis, Jr.

Neil Lewis, Jr.

Assistant Professor
Academic and Research Interest
Motivation and goal pursuit processes, particularly as they relate to disparities in education, health, and the environment; behavioral science and policy.
picture of Katherine McComas
Academic and Research Interests
Risk communication related to health and the environment, particularly examining the influence of trust and fairness; community engagement in environmental decision making; communication about zoonotic and infectious disease in the context of climate change.
picture of Poppy McLeod

Poppy McLeod

Professor McLeod serves as the Chair for the Department of Communication.

Academic and Research Interests
Communication within and between groups; persuasion and social influence; information effects in group decision-making; influence of technology on group processes; influence of social identity and emotions in groups.
picture of Jeff Niederdeppe

Jeff Niederdeppe

Associate Professor
Professor Niederdeppe serves as Director of Graduate Studies.

Academic and Research Interests
Effects of mass media campaigns and news coverage on health behavior and social policy.
picture of Dawn Schrader

Dawn Schrader

Associate Professor
Academic and Research Interests
Privacy issues, including the psychological value of privacy and increasing awareness of privacy implications for the individual and society; adolescent girls' social aggression; the protection of self-integrity and the promotion of ethical behavior in bystanders.
picture of Jon Schuldt

Jonathon Schuldt

Associate Professor
Academic and Research Interests
Environmental and health communication; everyday judgment and decision making; public opinion.