Communication Minor Requirements

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The Minor Program of Study in Communication gives students a balanced background in communication theory and practice.  Students interested in completing a minor in Communication should complete the application below and return it to 451 Mann Library Building.

** Declare the Communication Minor here**

The minor consists of 21 credit hours.

Students must complete:
COMM 1101: Cases in Communication – Fall only

Two courses from the following, only one of which can be a writing course (2310 or 3000-3099):
COMM 1300: Visual Communication – Spring Only
COMM 2010: Oral Communication
COMM 2310: Writing about Communication
COMM 2820: Research Methods in Communication Studies – Fall Only
COMM 3010: Narrative for Digital Media (3 credits)
COMM 3020: Science Writing for the Media (3 credits)
COMM 3030: Organizational Writing (3 credits)
COMM 3040: Writing and Editing for the Media (3 credits)
COMM 3060: Creating a Personal Brand (3 credits)
COMM 3070: Communicating for Impact: Developing Strategic Messages (3 credits)

One Focus Area Introductory Course from the following:
COMM 2200: Media Communication (fall & summer only)
COMM 2450: Communication and Technology (fall & summer only)
COMM 2760: Persuasion and Social Influence (spring only)
COMM 2850: Communication, Environment, Science and Health (spring only)

Three courses of upper level Communication from the following: 
COMM 3100 Communication and Decision Making in Groups - CSI
COMM 3110 Educational Psychology - CSI
COMM 3150 Organizational Communication: Theory and Practice - CSI
COMM 3189 Taking America’s Pulse - CSI
COMM 3200 New Media and Society - CAT, CMS
COMM 3210 Communication and the Environment - CESH, CMS
COMM 3300 Media and Human Development - CESH, CAT, CMS, CSI
COMM 3400 Personal Relationships and Technology - CAT, CSI
COMM 3450 Human Computer Interaction Design - CAT
COMM 3460 Crowds, Communities, and Technology - CAT, CSI
COMM 3560 Computing Cultures - CSI
COMM 4200 Public Opinion and Social Processes - CMS, CSI, CESH
COMM 4201 Information Policy: Research, Analysis, and Design - CSI
COMM 4220 Psychology of Entertainment Media - CAT, CESH, CMS
COMM 3760 Planning Communication Campaigns - CSI, CMS, CESH
​COMM 4250 Sports and the Media - CMS
COMM 4280 Communication Law - CMS, CSI
COMM 4300 Ethics in New Media, Technology and Communication - CESH, CAT, CMS, CSI
COMM 4360 Social Networks in the Emerge of Social Capitals - CAT, CMS
COMM 4400 Advanced Human-Computer Interaction Design - CAT
COMM 4410 Communicating Self in Social Media - CAT
COMM 4450 Seminar in Computer-Mediated Communication - CAT
COMM 4560 Community Involvement in Decision Making - CESH
COMM 4650 Mobile Communication in Public Life - CAT, CMS
COMM 4660 Public Communication of Science and Technology - CESH
COMM 4760 Population Health Communication - CESH, CSI
COMM 4860 Risk Communication - CESH, CSI
COMM 4990 Research 

  • Upper-Level Communication courses must be between COMM 3100 & 4940 (excluding 4580).
  • Only certain COMM 4940 Special Topics course will count in this area - please ask your
  • Students may also use an additional Focus Area Intro Course or COMM 2840 in this area.

Students must earn at least a C- grade in all courses that are used towards the Communication minor.