Student Awards

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    Undergraduate Summer Grant Program

    The Department of Communication is pleased to announce a new Undergraduate Summer Grant Program, which will begin providing stipends in summer 2017. The generosity of our alumni has enabled us to provide these funds for Communication majors either (1) completing a summer internship or (2) engaging in research opportunities with Communication faculty. The funds are meant to provide some financial support to allow Communication majors to accept positions that might otherwise be prohibitive due to associated costs. Students may use stipends to supplement the costs of housing or travel associated with the internship or research opportunity.

    Students completing an internship (paid or unpaid) will enroll in COMM 4960, Communication Internship. Students must complete paperwork prior to the first day at their internships. Students completing research must work with a Communication faculty sponsor to arrange for research credit (COMM 2990 or COMM 4990).

    Preference will be given to students based on financial need.

    To be considered for funding, students must complete the online application (link embedded). The following information is required:

    • Letter of application including description of internship or research opportunity
    • Resume
    • Budget (cost of travel, housing, meal allowance)

    Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The number of grants awarded will depend upon the number of applications received and the availability of funds. Confirmation of acceptance of the internship or research opportunity in writing or electronically is required before the release of funds.

    Congratulations to the Summer 2017 winners. 

    • Cordelia Ding-Internship at Ibaraki Christian University in Japan
    • Grace Lyman-Internship at the Conan O’Brien Show in Los Angeles
    • Daniel Correa-Internship at ANDI.KP in France
    • Jordyn Weinstein-Internship at Taboola in New York City
    • Erin O’Conner-Internship at ESPN Ithaca in Ithaca
    • Jonathon Gilmore-Research in the Cornell Media Effects Lab in Ithaca


    Anson H. Rowe Award 

    The Anson H. Rowe Endowment Award is divided into two parts. One award will be granted to a senior and another will be granted to a junior majoring in Communication. 

    • Overall scholastic achievement
    • Demonstrated proficiency and breadth of experience in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and/or radio and television;  
    • Financial need.  
    • Awarded to students who have applied or been accepted to graduate programs for fall 2016. (only for the senior award)
      Preference will be given to those planning to specialize in the areas of interpersonal communication, public speaking, radio or television.  

    This award will be given to a junior Communication major who qualifies. 

    All applications must include the information below:
    1. Completed Application
    2. Resume
    3. Name and email of two references (on campus)
    4. Personal statement highlighting proficiency in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and/or radio and TV (no more than 500 words).

    Chester Freeman Award 

    Chester H. Freeman, late Professor Emeritus of the Department of Communication at Cornell University, set standards of excellence, leadership, and commitment to Cornell University that few can surpass. The Freeman Communication Leadership Fund is to be awarded to the Communication junior or juniors who best exhibit the interdisciplinary character of the Department’s program and who best reflect the spirit of Chet Freeman’s contributions to the Communication Department and the Cornell community.  

    Applicants must be second semester junior Communication majors with a minimum of 2.5 cumulative academic average. Applicants should have proof of demonstrated skills in oral communication, media or research skills, or in media analysis or planning. Applicants should show evidence of leadership, breadth of interest outside the academic major, and evidence of concern for fellow human beings.

    All applications must include the information below:
    1. Completed Application
    2. Resume
    3. Name and email of two references (on campus)
    4. Personal statement reflecting skills in oral communication, leadership activities, involvement and interests outside the major, or indication of concern for fellow human beings.

    Kenneth John Bissett Award

    Ken Bissett of Hartsdale, NY, class of ‘90, began his education at Cornell in the School of Engineering. His strong love for creative writing and artistic talent eventually drew him to the Communication Department. Ken’s friends and professors enjoyed his piquant but gentle humor. They remembered him as a brilliant artist and excellent student, someone who cared immensely about the art he created. In the fall of 1988 Ken joined the Syracuse-in-London Program because he felt the opportunity to study abroad would be a new and broadening experience. On December 21, he and 37 other college students returning from London were killed when their plane, Pan Am flight 103, was destroyed in flight by a terrorist bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland.  

    To apply for the Bissett award you must be a regular or transfer student (at least two semesters in the Department of Communication), be a junior or senior, and must have taken a visual, design, or writing course in the Department of Communication.

    All applications must include the information below:
    1. Completed Application
    2. Resume
    3. Name and email of two references (on campus)
    4. Personal statement relating to your interest in and concern for others.
    5. Portfolio (original or copies) of art/design work and written material (can include course work).

    Sheila Turner Seed Award

    The Seed Award for junior women communication majors commemorates Sheila Turner Seed, a dynamic young writer and photo-journalist with Scholastic, Inc., a well-respected and prominent publishing company.  Following her untimely death, Ms. Seed’s husband Brian, with the cooperation of Scholastic, Inc., and Cornell established the award as a memorial to her.  The nature and amount of the award have varied over the years in line with the available resources. 

    All applications must include the information below:
    1. Completed Application
    2. Resume
    3. Name and email of two references (on campus)
    4. Personal statement pertaining to your plans and goals in the field of publishing.
    5. A writing sample, such as articles published in The Daily Sun, in other Cornell publications, or in publications from outside the Cornell community. Also acceptable are unpublished writing samples that would be suitable for print media publication, such as class work from Communication courses like Writing for Magazines or Science Writing for the Mass Media.
    The committee will base their decision upon the materials requested and upon the applicant's general academic performance as a Cornell student. Particular emphasis will be placed upon academic excellence in courses within the major.

    Bernays Award

    The Edward L. Bernays Primus Inter Pares Award is given to one or more Department of Communication student(s) who demonstrates outstanding achievement and participation in the area of Public Relations and who submit a superior essay. Participation in Public Relations can include but not limited to: Public relations internship or volunteer work; Public relations focus; or Public relations office in student group.  Edward L. Bernays, ’12 is known as the “Father of Public Relations.”  He helped found the Cornell PRSSA Chapter in 1983 and established the Primus Inter Pares Award in 1984 to encourage chapter leadership.  Mr. Bernays passed away March 9, 1995 at the age of 103. Open to Communication seniors.

    Application materials:
    1. Completed Application
    2. Resume
    3. Name and email of two references (on campus)
    4. Personal statement offering details on your public relations work.

    Schwartz Award

    Undergraduate students in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are invited to submit original manuscripts for the Alfred N. Schwartz Prize competition. The award promotes excellence in agricultural journalism.  Open to all CALS students.
    Acceptable entries include original manuscripts suitable for publication in a newspaper or magazine. Audio tapes, scripts, or video tapes suitable for broadcast on radio or TV are equally acceptable. Information that is written for posting on a computer network would also receive full consideration. Previously published or broadcast material is welcomed. Please note, academic papers and reports and not accepted.

    Your entry envelope must contain:1. Completed Application
    2. Resume
    3. Name and email of two references (on campus)
    4. Personal statement showcasing your work towards promoting excellence in agricultural journalism and explaining the origins of the submitted manuscript.
    5. An original manuscript suitable for publication in a newspaper, magazine, scripts, or online forum (audio or video are equally acceptable). Previously published or broadcast material is welcomed.

    The Eastman-Rice stage is a speaking contest open to all full-time or part-time undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Agriculture and the Life Sciences. Winners in the preliminary round will compete for cash prizes at the final round. Contact Jodi Cohen for more information.