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Class of 1886 Stage Contest Winners 2018

Congratulations to the 1886 Speaking Contest Winners!

On Thursday evening, May 3rd, approximately 150 students gathered in Warren Hall for the Annual 1886 Persuasive Speaking Contest.  The 1886 contest takes place at the end of each spring semester, showcasing five of the top persuasive speeches from the semester’s Oral Communication course.  Although, all five finalists are winners and the speeches were exceptional, the judges were tasked with rating them: 

1st place ($700) Trevor Mills (sophomore, Communication) spoke for net neutrality.

2nd place ($400) Isabella Armos-Leon (Freshman, Bio & Society) spoke for allowing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals to stay in place.

3rd place ($300) Etinosa Obanar (Senior, Bio & Society) spoke for government regulation of pharmaceutical prices.

Honorable Mention ($100 each) goes to Devonte Parker (Freshman, Animal Sciences) who spoke for the Federal legalization of marijuana, and Khala Hurd (Sophomore, Communication) spoke for banning assault rifles.

Thank you to our judges:  Christofer Skurka and Samuel Hardman Taylor, both PhD students in the Dept. of Communication and past instructors for the course.

Order of contestants in photo, from left to right: Isabella Armos-Leon, Devonte Parker, Trevor Mills, Etinosa Obanor, and Khala Hurd