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Eastman Rice Stage Speaking Contest 2018 Winners

The Annual Eastman Rice Stage Speaking Contest took place on Thursday, April 12th, where the five finalists competed for recognition and cash prizes.  All Eastman Rice speakers address the topic of “How the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences improves the well-being of individuals and/or communities through its teaching and/or research programs.”  The winners placed as follows:  1st place is Johnathan Price $1,500(Junior/Plant Sciences), 2nd place is Devonte Parker $1,250 (Freshman/Animal Sciences), 3rd place is Jada Kissi $1,000 (Freshman/Communication); Johanna Dejora (Junior/Communication) and Nikita Forester (Freshman/Communication) received Honorable Mention for $500 each.  Congratulations to all of you.

Thanks to all of our judges:  Lauren Chambliss (Communication), Jenny Stockdale (CALS Marketing), Erin Treat (CALS Admissions), Carla Crooker (CALS Admissions), Ben Rand (CALS Marketing), and Leeann Chen (CALS Marketing).

Jonathan Price, 1st Place
Devonte Parker, 2nd Place











Jada Kissi, 3rd Place










Johanna Dejora, Honorable Mention










Nikita Forester, Honorable Mention