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Communication Student Advisory BoardE-board and members of the Communication Student Advisory Board (CSAB) in Fall 2019

The Communication Student Advisory Board was created in Spring 2013 to help engage students in the activities of the Department of Communication through leadership.  The board is made up of a mix of current Communication majors from freshman to seniors.  The board also has representatives who transferred to Cornell to help provide a transfer student perspective. Learn more.

Communication-Related Student Organizations

There are more than 1000 registered student groups on campus.  These groups are a great way for students to explore their interest in many areas.  

Student Research

Students in the Department of Communication have the ability to be involved in leading research in various areas of interest.  Working on research projects can provide students with a way to connect their classroom knowledge with real world data.  Students that are interested in being a part of research within the Department of Communication should speak with their Faculty Advisor about possible opportunities.

Cornell Opportunity Database

Check this website for university-wide opportunities for students!